The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act, but even a professional tightrope walker can get unbalanced from time to time. Just like the tightrope walker it's important to return to that center point of equilibrium, and react positively to whatever breeze may sway you.

Yes you maybe un-steady, and ya sure you may even almost fall off that tightrope, but you only truly lose the battle when you begin thinking about the " what if it fails" "what if I fall", "what if I cant". There will be people waiting on that other line scared and nervous for you OF CORSE they are, they love you and what you're going through, or doing may be something they aren't familiar with.. Just like when that tightrope walker gets unsteady, don't you gasp a little, and feel nervous for them? (the answer is yes). Do you think that tightrope walker gasps and gets nervous? ... I mean ya prob a little .. But they are able to hold their composure and see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Do you know what they are thinking? They are telling themselves "What if I do succeed?"  "What if it does work out?" "What If I can accomplish this, almost impossible task?" .... with positive thinking, believing, and trusting yourself I'm sure you will stay on longer than if you tell yourself you can't do it at all. You might even make it to the other-side of that tightrope, and look back from where you started in disbelief of what you've accomplished. 


Moral of the story - It's okay for things to get crazy ..It's not okay to give up on yourself 

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